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Hall Rd. (Sam Brown) Cemetery – Pierpont, Ashtabula Co., OH

Hall Rd. (or Sam Brown) Cemetery is located southeast of rural Pierpont, Ohio, about 2 miles from the Pennsylvania border. Buried there are the early pioneers of Pierpont who came west in the early 1800’s. The land was given by Jesse Turner, who’s first wife, Marey (Polly), was the first person to die in Pierpont in 1815. Turner cleared enough trees in the woods to dig a grave, and then buried her in a crude split log coffin.

I visited the cemetery several years ago to see the graves of my Benjamin and Cleveland ancestors. Access to the cemetery is down a narrow dirt road. As the road ends,  the cemetery is located in a small clearing on the left. The picture below was taken from that spot.

Hall Rd. (Sam Brown) Cemetery

Hall Rd. (Sam Brown) Cemetery

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