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Tombstone Tuesday | Asa Benjamin

My 4th great grandfather, Asa Benjamin is buried in the Hall Rd. (Sam Brown) Cemetery in Pierpont, Ashtabula Co., Ohio.

Asa was born in Preston, New London Co., CT in October of 1754. His second great grandfather, John Benjamin, came to America in 1632 as part of the Puritan Great Migration from England.

Asa enlisted in the Revolutionary War at Worthington, MA on May 4, 1775.  He served eight months as a private in Captain Evenezer Webber’s Co., 8th Regiment, Continental Infantry, commanded by Col. John Fellows and was discharged on December 23, 1775.  He re-enlisted and was discharged six times from first enlistment to the end of the war in 1783.  During that time, he transferred to Valley Forge, PA on March 19, 1778 to the Commander-in-Chief’s (General George Washington’s) Guard.

After serving for a few months, Asa returned home.  When the need occurred, he re-enlisted, earning the rank of lieutenant by the end of the war. He died in Pierpont on December 28, 1825.

Benjamin Family Plot (click to enlarge)

Asa Benjamin Gravestone (click to enlarge)

Hall Rd. (Sam Brown) Cemetery – Pierpont, Ashtabula Co., OH

Hall Rd. (or Sam Brown) Cemetery is located southeast of rural Pierpont, Ohio, about 2 miles from the Pennsylvania border. Buried there are the early pioneers of Pierpont who came west in the early 1800’s. The land was given by Jesse Turner, who’s first wife, Marey (Polly), was the first person to die in Pierpont in 1815. Turner cleared enough trees in the woods to dig a grave, and then buried her in a crude split log coffin.

I visited the cemetery several years ago to see the graves of my Benjamin and Cleveland ancestors. Access to the cemetery is down a narrow dirt road. As the road ends,  the cemetery is located in a small clearing on the left. The picture below was taken from that spot.

Hall Rd. (Sam Brown) Cemetery

Hall Rd. (Sam Brown) Cemetery

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