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Wilhelm Hau


My Great Great Grandfather, Wilhelm Hau, is buried in St. Joseph’s Cemetery in St. Joe, Marshfield Twp., Fond du Lac Co., WI. He was born on November 25, 1842 in Prussia.

We don’t know a lot about Wilhelm.  One family story states that “…he came to America from Prussia. His family were wealthy land owners who had tenant farms. He fled Germany because of the conscription under King Wilhelm. He served in the Prussian Army and had a crippled small finger and a scar on his face as a result. He played the violin and was a choir director in Germany. He came to America with his sister from, we think Stuttgart, but she died at sea.”

We do know that Wilhelm settled in the Town of Russell in Sheboygan Co., WI in the 1860’s. He married Katherine Tuepper on January 12, 1869, in nearby Mt. Calvary. Together they had 9 children. His farm was not far from St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. He is listed a donor toward it’s building. One donation was for $65 and another was for the purchase of windows for the new church in 1871.

Wilhelm died at the age of 41 on August 12, 1884.

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